So, a couple of days back I was asked to cover a theatre event, Dastangoi - an urdu story-telling art form. My brief being, "do something different", I spent the evening trying to create some surreal looking portraits, some of which turned out to be quite interesting!

To know more about Dastangoi, and see how the pictures were used check this out - http://www.nh7.in/the-tale-tellers/


So, September has turned out to be a much busier month than expected, leaving me with very little time to blog. Been meaning to put this set up for a while now, and glad to have finally gotten around to doing it!

Here are a couple of pictures from a fun photoshoot with the uber talented peeps from Voctronica - India's first all vocal ensemble. MUST check them out here.

Styled by Isha Bhansali

Also, big shout out to Meghana Bhogle, Abhishek Nagendra and Sushil Chhugnani from Sony Music for setting the whole thing up. And of course to the entire band for being a great bunch to work with! 

Puma Loves Vinyl - Sound of 2014

Recently covered the second edition of Puma Loves Vinyl for the good folks over at NH7. Got to shoot some of great pictures and witness some mad performances by some of the best acts in the country! 




Please note: Reproduction, modification, or any other usage of the photographs is strictly prohibited without prior explicit written permission. If you like what you see and want to get in touch, write to me at mail@parizad-d.com. I promise not to bite.  


A beauty shoot I recently worked on with some uber talented people.

Model - Nariné Kagramanyan (Inega Model Management)
Hair and Make-Up  - Payal Balse
Concept and Photography - Parizad D


Spent a lot of time working on this set. Comments and critique would be appreciated ^_^

São Jacinto

Recently discovered this beautiful little island near South Goa. Filled with quaint little houses, surrounded by water, lush green trees all around, and not much else. It's safe to say that I want to spend the rest of my life there. :')